Every day, life invites us to pay attention: Where is the Spirit present? Who are you invited to be? When are you most alive? How do we live awake and with meaning?

Our souls need space to ask these questions and to listen for our answers. Sometimes we need good company too.


In spiritual direction, we make space for questions and soul and Spirit. We make space for listening. As our listening deepens, we’ll find invitations to love and be loved, to walk gently and with kindness, and to discover both God and our truest selves in the process.

As both a spiritual director and writer, I want to make space for your questions and your stories. I want to offer you company as you notice and respond to these invitations in your own life.

For more information, contact me here.

Speaking of Company:

I am on the lookout for words of light and love and blessing. I love sharing these by email. Some days the words are all my own, but most often I’m sharing something I read that touched me deeply. I’d love for you to join me.

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