I’m so glad you’re here.

If I could tell you one thing, it would be this:
We are invited to pay attention. To ask our own questions. To listen for the answers as they unfold in our lives, one moment at a time.

The holy is never absent–but sometimes she hides in plain sight, waiting for our souls to recognize beauty, wonder, and God in the details of our lives.

We need space to find and ask our deep questions. We need space and time to listen for our answers. Sometimes we need good company too.

Spiritual Direction

As a spiritual director, I listen to (and with) you as you pay attention to your life and notice how God invites you to ever deeper love. Spiritual direction helps us to keep our eyes and hearts open to the sacred in our everyday life.

Collage and Art

Collage is one way I listen to and remember the invitations I find in my life. They are reminders to myself of how I want to be. And while they are deeply personal to me, I think they want to be shared.


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