About Me

Jess in AZ

A number of years ago, I traded a too-tight faith and a legal career that never fit quite right for an invitation to live spaciously. In the process, I found myself held in and transformed by deep Love.  I delight in finding God in the most surprising places, whether I’m playing with color and images, writing a poem, gardening, reading, or sharing in a deep conversation.

I grew up in the evangelical world, but have now found a home in Ignatian spirituality, which is a way of being in the world that sees and experiences God in all things, is grounded in God’s love, and engages our entire selves as we discover the ways that God is inviting us to show up and love the world we live in.

I completed my spiritual direction training with Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality in St. Paul, Minnesota. I also completed Sacred Ground’s 8-week course for directing the Extended Ignatian Exercises. I also taught in Sacred Ground’s first semester for its spiritual direction and formation program, where we explored contemplative practices, image of God, and spiritual story with fellow seekers.

I live in Farmington, MN with my husband and our three children. I am happy to meet by zoom or in-person in St. Paul.

If you would like more information about spiritual direction, feel free to contact me at jessicalsanborn@gmail.com.