Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is just one way of paying attention to life’s sacred invitations.

Spiritual direction is the name given to a specific kind of listening relationship. A spiritual director listens to (and with) you as you explore your deep questions and sacred invitations.

The spiritual direction relationship focuses on you as you tell your story and explore who you are, who God is, and how you relate to the sacred in your everyday life.

“Spiritual companion” is sometimes used in place of the phrase “spiritual director” and might be a more accurate description of the relationship. A spiritual companion bears witness to another’s story.

The name “spiritual direction” is somewhat misleading. Do you only talk about spiritual stuff? Not really. God meets us in the ordinary details of our lives when we are paying attention. Does a spiritual director tell you what to do? No. A spiritual director’s role is actually non-directive.  Is a spiritual director a guru-type of person, someone who is super holy or super wise? No. And we don’t have psychic abilities either. At least, I don’t. It’s not part of the job-description.

Spiritual directors don’t give answers or tell you what to do, but they help you to do your own listening and to discern how God moves and invites you to more life and love. Some of the questions that might be explored in spiritual direction are “Who am I?” “Who is God for me?” “How does God speak to me?” “Where do I belong?” and “How can I be of service?”[1]

What Can I Expect in a Spiritual Direction session?

Generally, you will meet with your spiritual director monthly. A session usually lasts for an hour.

  • You can expect that your spiritual director will keep everything that you say confidential.
  • A session might begin with silence, prayer, or a poem. The director will invite you to share what is on your heart.
  • A spiritual director listens without judgment. She creates a safe space for you to explore the deepest parts of yourself.


“Spiritual directors support and encourage directees as they listen and respond to God.”–Jeanette Bakke


If you live in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area and you are interested in talking to me about spiritual direction, please contact me at jessicalsanborn@gmail.com.


[1] Questions are borrowed from Henri Nouwen’s book Spiritual Direction, p. 9.