The Question that’s Saving my Christmas

 I’ve had a tenuous relationship with Christmas the last few years. Christmas has seriously stressed me out. It’s not just all of the extra and expectations that go into the month of December; although, these also play a role in holiday stress. But navigating Christmas with faith-shifting questions is hard. Christmas has a way of … Continue reading The Question that’s Saving my Christmas

An Advent Invitation and Blessing

  I.  "Don't be afraid," They sang into the dark. Light: Brilliant, Bewildering, and Blinding Tore through the dark night sky. Light Sang: God is with us.  Don't be afraid. As the flaming messengers disappeared, Dark returned. Running, Stumbling through the unlit hills and streets, Shepherds searching. Seeking. Finding. Shouting. Overcome by God with us. … Continue reading An Advent Invitation and Blessing