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When Leaving is Just the Beginning

"What are the major turning points of your life?" A friend asked me this question about a month or so ago. I knew without hesitation that leaving church and leaving my career in short succession was a major turning point in my life. Everything changed after that. Everything. I know that I've told pieces of… Continue reading When Leaving is Just the Beginning

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On Celebrating 40

"May you be blessed with good friends, And learn to be a good friend to yourself..." John O'Donohue Today is my birthday! This year it feels especially significant because I get to celebrate being 40. And I feel like celebrating. Not with a big party. That's not my style. But by being with people I love;… Continue reading On Celebrating 40

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The Song Needs Each One of Us (A Piano Parable)

  There is a song in my heart. One I am meant to play. But it comes out all wrong when I sit down in front of those black and white keys. My left hand is weak and rusty from nearly 20 years of practicing every once in a very great while. The song should… Continue reading The Song Needs Each One of Us (A Piano Parable)

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Belonging in my Feet

"Be where your feet are."   A few years ago, a yoga instructor suggested using this phrase as an intention for our practice that evening. "Be where your feet are" shot straight to my heart and hasn't left --the thought, not, unfortunately, the practice of that thought. Maybe the instructor was talking about being present, paying attention… Continue reading Belonging in my Feet

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Asking “What do You Belong to?” and Other Life-or-Death Questions

"Don't start looking in the Bible for the answers it gives. Start by listening for the questions it asks. . ."  --Frederick Buechner Sometimes a story catches your heart with its truth--a truth that is piercing and happening even thousands of years after the story was first told. Like the story of that earnest young man (the Bible… Continue reading Asking “What do You Belong to?” and Other Life-or-Death Questions