A Faith Beyond Beliefs

Sometimes it is easy to confuse faith with a set of beliefs. Sometimes people put their faith in their beliefs. Sometimes those beliefs are intertwined with faith to an extent that it is hard to separate the two. I don’t think faith as a set of beliefs is the faith Jesus was talking about in Luke's stories.

How the Big Questions Saved My Faith

Somehow, for me, the Questions were a door that ushered me into an experience of God that was real and beautiful and unexplainable--like nothing I had experienced before the Questions. The Questions were like keys springing open locks that had kept my mind from seeing what was real. Once opened, there was no turning back. There is no way to unsee. The Questions forced me to let go of Beliefs to which I had been clinging to like a life preserver. A set of Beliefs are not what save us or give us life. That Life is from God. Not from what I understand about God.