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The Song Needs Each One of Us (A Piano Parable)

  There is a song in my heart. One I am meant to play. But it comes out all wrong when I sit down in front of those black and white keys. My left hand is weak and rusty from nearly 20 years of practicing every once in a very great while. The song should… Continue reading The Song Needs Each One of Us (A Piano Parable)

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Can We Talk About War and Enemies and Hope and Love?

How do we talk to our children about war and enemies and hope and love? How do we talk to one another? I had the opportunity to practice the other morning as my six-year-old examined the library books scattered on the family-room floor. The conversation went something like this: "Mom, that picture on The Vanished… Continue reading Can We Talk About War and Enemies and Hope and Love?

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An Advent Invitation and Blessing

  I.  "Don't be afraid," They sang into the dark. Light: Brilliant, Bewildering, and Blinding Tore through the dark night sky. Light Sang: God is with us.  Don't be afraid. As the flaming messengers disappeared, Dark returned. Running, Stumbling through the unlit hills and streets, Shepherds searching. Seeking. Finding. Shouting. Overcome by God with us.… Continue reading An Advent Invitation and Blessing

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Relearning Prayer: praying for others

I'm not the best at prayer. These days I rarely use complete sentences when I pray.  Prayer comes out in a word or a phrase.  In a stirring from my heart.  I'm learning that prayer can be so much more than articulate sentences strung together to adore or make requests known to God.  My favorite… Continue reading Relearning Prayer: praying for others