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Rejoicing in Sprouts

Sprouts! I've spotted two so far. Tiny tomato sprouts from seeds that I planted 8 days ago. Seeds that are a few years old because last year I had a tomato tragedy and my plants weren't able to produce fruit. I've been checking for signs of life a few times a day since I planted… Continue reading Rejoicing in Sprouts

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The Question that’s Saving my Christmas

 I’ve had a tenuous relationship with Christmas the last few years. Christmas has seriously stressed me out. It’s not just all of the extra and expectations that go into the month of December; although, these also play a role in holiday stress. But navigating Christmas with faith-shifting questions is hard. Christmas has a way of… Continue reading The Question that’s Saving my Christmas

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A Baptist Discovers Lent

I am grateful to be writing for At River's Edge this week. Here is a peek: Growing up as a girl born Baptist, Easter was something that we celebrated with triumphant music, Easter-egg hunts, and ham.  We were excited for Easter, but Easter always caught me by surprise.  Maybe it snuck up on me because I… Continue reading A Baptist Discovers Lent

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Holy in the Silent Night

Silent Night Holy Night gets drowned out in presents and preparations, wrapping, cooking, shopping, family, family, and more family (whom I love dearly!). The way we celebrate Christmas seems to be a how-to-primer on how to miss Heaven on earth. We walk right by-- wearied and noise-worn, or excited, oversaturated, and overstimulated. Today, I want… Continue reading Holy in the Silent Night