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Words that Made a Difference for This Doubter

Hello! I'm blowing the dust off of this blog today in order to send some words out into the world. Thanks for being here. A few years ago, I had a complete faith breakdown. I was frightened, anxious, and lonely. My sense of belonging, which had always been securely anchored in my church and beliefs, had… Continue reading Words that Made a Difference for This Doubter

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Words of Grace: 10 Favorite Quotes from Frederick Buechner

I love words. If you've been hanging around this blog for a while, you might know that I especially love Frederick Buechner's words. Not only do I love the way that he paints beautiful pictures that burrow deep into my soul, that catch my breath, that bring me to tears. I love how Buechner illuminates… Continue reading Words of Grace: 10 Favorite Quotes from Frederick Buechner

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How to Clear Space

"In the spiritual life, the word 'discipline' means 'the effort to create some space in which God can act.' Discipline means to prevent everything in your life from being filled up."  --Henri Nouwen "So what is your dream job?" Before my inner-censor kicked in, I blurted out: "I would like to work at a monastery for half the… Continue reading How to Clear Space

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Rediscovering ‘Belief’

The language that we use to describe God and faith and Jesus seems especially worn out sometimes. Sometimes I wish that we could just start over with a new vocabulary. But then there are times when we are given new eyes to see these words in a different light. When we experience these words in the depths of our hearts. And the words become new. And we become new. That is the power at the heart of these most potent words. "Believe" is one such word for me.

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Letting Go of Words

Have you ever had a life-changing conversation? One where somebody mentions something that hits you in your heart and you are never the same?  Just over a year ago, a dear friend mentioned getting away to a cabin for two days of silence and solitude.  Something in me opened up at that phrase: silence and… Continue reading Letting Go of Words

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The Power of Words and Silence

Silence and words don’t seem to go together, do they? But I imagine that words and silence are two of the most influential forces of transformation.  I know that they have been in my life. Recently, I stumbled across this passage from Frederick Buechner: Words written fifty years ago, a hundred years ago, a thousand… Continue reading The Power of Words and Silence