Be Here

Be Here,  © Jessica Sanborn, 2022

“I am here.
This is where I am supposed to be.
Now, in this very moment.”

These words feel like freedom to me. I can feel my heart expanding as I try them on and let them settle deep. They ground me and invite me to welcome today, just as it is. They invite me to welcome myself, just as I am. They invite me to trust the unfolding of this moment and the moments that will follow.

I offer them to anyone else who wants to try them on:

You are here.

This is where you are supposed to be.

Now, in this very moment.

I have 4 x 6 cards available for each of these images.They are available in packs of 5 for $10. You can choose which cards you would like in each pack. If you are interested in cards, feel free to let me know.