Mystery,  © Jessica Sanborn

When Wisdom and the Universe Conspire. . .
May I be their playground. A meeting place. An invitation.

This collage began with a phrase that landed on my heart and invited me to play. The image became part of the process and work of naming Wisdom’s role and action in my life.

I believe strongly in the power of naming. For example, when I notice fear getting loud, I can say: Oh hi, fear. I see you. We’re going to be okay. Or: Stressy Jessie, what’s up? Do you need something right now? Fighting these feelings doesn’t work for me. Naming them, acknowledging them, somehow calms their chaos.

But I realized that I only had named the messy, needy parts of me. When something good or wise rose up from within, I was quick to attribute it to an outside “something.” Why?

It might be years of conditioning that nothing good comes from me a “sinner.” Maybe it’s the conditioning to stay humble, don’t brag. It might even be that insidious “Who do you think you are?”

I don’t know if it matters exactly where these messages come from or why they stick. But I wondered what might change if instead of saying: “Something nudged me…” I say: “Wisdom whispered…”

What happens if we look back and honor Wisdom’s role in our lives?

Like the day my path changed when Wisdom gave me my question: How am I supposed to be?
And then she encouraged me to: Move out of my head and into my heart.
A minute later, the Universe got into the game—having me open John O’Donohue’s To Bless the Space Between Us to words about how God only cares about the heart.

Wisdom and the Universe grinned together and said: Pay attention, Jess.

And I know that these words—Wisdom, Universe, God, Spirit, they can be interchangeable. And who knows how all of this works or what the proper way to describe any of it might be? I’m okay with the mystery.

But I know that Wisdom lives in me.  Wisdom is a part of me, even more than self-doubt and fear are a part of me.

Wisdom connects me to the Universe…to Spirit…to God.. to whatever inadequate description we have of the More that we can’t understand. She is a great collaborator.

She invites me to participate in the great Mystery that is loving me, that is loving the world.

I imagine Wisdom nurturing the fire of life in my soul. She tends the flames and protects them. She knows when they need more oxygen and space or when to throw another log on the fire.

I have 4 x 6 cards available for each of these images.They are available in packs of 5 for $10. You can choose which cards you would like in each pack. If you are interested in cards, feel free to let me know.