Embracing the invitation of “It is”

Some situations call for excellent analytical skills, but generally, employing these skills directed at the people around us isn't helpful. It separates us. I try to 'understand' them, but without putting myself in their shoes. What if there is another way of seeing those around us? The phrase "It is" has been repeating in my… Continue reading Embracing the invitation of “It is”

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Words of Grace: 10 Favorite Quotes from Frederick Buechner

I love words. If you've been hanging around this blog for a while, you might know that I especially love Frederick Buechner's words. Not only do I love the way that he paints beautiful pictures that burrow deep into my soul, that catch my breath, that bring me to tears. I love how Buechner illuminates… Continue reading Words of Grace: 10 Favorite Quotes from Frederick Buechner

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Belonging in my Feet

"Be where your feet are."   A few years ago, a yoga instructor suggested using this phrase as an intention for our practice that evening. "Be where your feet are" shot straight to my heart and hasn't left --the thought, not, unfortunately, the practice of that thought. Maybe the instructor was talking about being present, paying attention… Continue reading Belonging in my Feet

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May the Light of Your Soul Bless Your Work

For the last few years, a chalk-board sign above my kitchen sink reminded me to "Love people. Cook them tasty food." (Thank you Penzey's.) Unfortunately, my idea of tasty food differs drastically from my family's idea of tasty food. The idea of loving people by making them tasty food only made me cranky: I am… Continue reading May the Light of Your Soul Bless Your Work