4 thoughts on “Sketching a New Image

  1. Have you heard Chris Tomlin’s song Good, Good Father? I have to remind myself that God is good, and He loves unconditionally.


  2. An image of God that I keep coming back to again and again these days is God as creator. That image had become rigid and perfectionistic for me. But it’s being renewed into an image of a creator filled with unlimited imagination, joy, care, playfulness, delight… One way I’m exploring this is to really pay attention to what I see around me, especially in nature. I look for the details of created things and notice how they change from day to day. There is so much wonder there when we take a second to see…it sometimes takes my breath away. Also, making things. It’s such an amazing feeling to get so caught up in a creative project that I lose all track of time. I don’t think that sort of experience is foreign to God. Maybe it actually is another way we can get a glimpse into who God is.


    1. This is beautiful, Johanna! I love the image of a “creator filled with unlimited imagination, joy, care, playfulness, delight.” And I love the idea that we are invited to participate in on-going creation. There is so much beauty here!


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