A Good Friday Poem

I shared this poem over email yesterday. It’s been a long time in the making, but not necessarily in the writing. I offer it with gratitude and love.


Sun-glittered diamonds
ripple across laughing water.
You step in,
the sky opens:
light explodes in and from your heart.

“You are Mine. My Son.
   Precious in my sight.
        I adore you, 
          love you

The words become Life,
become knowing
and your very
which becomes proclamation,
invitation, and


“Who is he?”
This question comes often–
from both the curious and
the enraged.

To the curious, you offer:
“Come and see.”
Find out for yourself
who I am
and who you are.
It changes everything.

To the enraged, you remain
You know who you are.


You won’t deny the accusation:
Are you the Son of God?

The kingdom of God is here
and now
and threatens the powers
that be.

What would happen
the world
turned upside down
if every person lived
like she was Beloved.
Precious Child of God.
Lived like every soul
was Beloved.
Precious Child of God.

Empires couldn’t last.


In the garden–your friends
sleep.Sorrow and fear overwhelm.
Angels kneel beside you,
breathe courage into your heart,
whispering words of Love:
“All will be well, and all will
be well . . .”

The Spirit wipes your tears.
You are not alone.

And all through that endless day . . .

As the whips rain down, tearing flesh
from your back-
The Spirit groans,
whispering still:
You are Mine. I love you.
God’s very heart
is striped with each blow.

And God weeps:
at the brutality of those wielding the blows;
at your pain and humiliation.

And so it goes even to this day.
What we do to the “least of these”
we do to Christ–have done to Christ
for thousands of years.

And to each battered and torn soul,
the Spirit whispers: You are Mine.
I love you.
And God weeps with them,
enfolding them
into his Heart.


Thank God this isn’t the end.

/ / /


How can I support you in this time?

  • I love words and sharing words. And one of the ways I love my friends is by sharing words with them. If you would like to be included and receive emails with poems, blessings or other good words to remind you that you are not alone in this time, sign up here. I’d love to send them to you.
  • Listening to those who are wrestling with questions about God and meaning and soul, this is my passion. If you are interested in spiritual direction via telephone right now or if you know someone who might be, let me know. I’m happy to offer a listening and prayerful ear. Or if you prefer writing, just drop a note. I’ll write you back.

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