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When Leaving is Just the Beginning

"What are the major turning points of your life?" A friend asked me this question about a month or so ago. I knew without hesitation that leaving church and leaving my career in short succession was a major turning point in my life. Everything changed after that. Everything. I know that I've told pieces of… Continue reading When Leaving is Just the Beginning

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Why I always begin again (and again)

"The sun comes up and we start again. The sun comes up and we start again... Be here now." Mason Jennings sang me to wake this morning with words that I needed to hear and carry with me today. They echo words from St. Benedict that I have tucked into my heart: "always we begin… Continue reading Why I always begin again (and again)

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Rejoicing in Sprouts

Sprouts! I've spotted two so far. Tiny tomato sprouts from seeds that I planted 8 days ago. Seeds that are a few years old because last year I had a tomato tragedy and my plants weren't able to produce fruit. I've been checking for signs of life a few times a day since I planted… Continue reading Rejoicing in Sprouts

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Daring Contentment

"I believe that the most important single thing beyond discipline and creativity is daring to dare." Maya Angelou When I think of daring. I don't usually think of me. But I have been daring lately. Daring to be content. Daring to be happy with me and the life that is mine. Daring to be unapologetic… Continue reading Daring Contentment

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On Celebrating 40

"May you be blessed with good friends, And learn to be a good friend to yourself..." John O'Donohue Today is my birthday! This year it feels especially significant because I get to celebrate being 40. And I feel like celebrating. Not with a big party. That's not my style. But by being with people I love;… Continue reading On Celebrating 40

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Welcoming Empty Pages and Spacious Places

I've been contending with empty pages for a while now. Empty journal pages—pen poised in my hand for 30 minutes and the page still blank. Empty word documents—cursor blinking and not a word to type. Empty pages sometimes feel like failure. In a few days, I will be staring down another blank page. For the… Continue reading Welcoming Empty Pages and Spacious Places

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Let’s Make Space for One Another Instead of Trying to Fix Each Other

My daughter had a giant-sized, shallow sliver sticking out of her finger. It could have been an easy, quick fix. I reached for her hand. She hid it behind her back and frantically screamed: "Don't touch it!" But I can get it out. "Don't touch it!" You can get it out. Why don't you try? "Noooo."… Continue reading Let’s Make Space for One Another Instead of Trying to Fix Each Other

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What is Your Question? The One You Need Today?

"What is your question? Your question for today?" my wise friend asked me gently. "I can only choose one?" I asked nervously. Do questions swirl in your mind like dry leaves on a blustery day, thick and unsettling? Maybe your questions are more blizzard-like--a blinding morass keeping you from moving forward? Then maybe this question… Continue reading What is Your Question? The One You Need Today?

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For the Pilgrim in the Fog

Do you feel like a wanderer? Like someone who is journeying into the unknown--even though that unknown is interior and deep and not really far from home? You're not alone. I think that we might be pilgrims at heart. And it's not just you and me. Others have traveled this road before us and remind… Continue reading For the Pilgrim in the Fog