When You Realize You are Enough


Image from The Gift of Writing

Sharing my words is hard sometimes. I don’t always like the emotions that crop up after I share. Sometimes I’ve wondered if I even should be sharing. What if I just can’t handle the aftermath?

But the good things in life rarely come easily, do they? Just because being a mom is hard and I sometimes don’t like my emotions when the kids are fighting and glitter has spilled all over the floor, doesn’t mean that I am a bad mother or that I shouldn’t be one.

Sharing my words is hard because vulnerability is hard.

But writing and sharing with vulnerability helps me to own my story. It helps me to embrace the messy and the light. They go together. Sometimes we need the messy part of sharing words to discover the light underneath.


Today, I am writing about sharing with vulnerability, the power of “Me Too,” and cultivating Enough at The Gift of Writing. I hope that you will join me there.

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