Why Do You Write?

Image from The Gift of Writing

According to Thomas Merton, a vocation, like writing, is a gift we are given in order to give it back.

He says,

In religious terms, this is simply a matter of accepting life, and everything in life as a gift, and clinging to none of it, as far as you are able. You give some of it to others, if you can. Yet one should be able to share things with others without bothering too much about how they like it, either, or, how they accept it. Assume they will accept it, if they need it. And if they don’t need it, why should they accept it? That is their business. Let me accept what is mine and give them all their share, and go my way.”

This quote. I want to be this. I want to write and live like this. Life is not a performance but a generosity.

How do we make this happen?

Today, I’m excited to be exploring this quote and the reasons I write over at The Gift of Writing.  I hope that you will join me there.

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