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“I’m Painting! I’m Painting!” and Learning to Pray through Play

“Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays.” ~ Friedrich Schiller Do you ever have "I'm sailing!" moments? You know, like from the movie What About Bob? when Bill Murray is tied to the sail boat… Continue reading “I’m Painting! I’m Painting!” and Learning to Pray through Play

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Heart Exercises: Stretching your heart with lovingkindness

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone started their day by cultivating lovingkindness in their hearts? (I'm an idealist. I like to imagine these things. I like to think that anything is possible.) Maybe that's too big. I should start smaller. How would my day, my interactions, my heart change if… Continue reading Heart Exercises: Stretching your heart with lovingkindness

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A Poem and a Practice: Adored.

  For some reason, I'm finding words to be scarce this summer. Although, sometimes you don't need many words. A few will do just fine. A Poem: It sounds cheesy and much too simple, but I honestly believe it is True. The Answer is Love. The way, the truth, the life: this is the Love that… Continue reading A Poem and a Practice: Adored.

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Walking with your Eyes and Heart Wide Open

“Creation itself is a sacred text through which the presence of God is revealed to us.” –Christine Valters Paintner Last weekend, I hiked with my family through a gorgeous piece of woods in a state park close to home. The trees were green with young leaves. Warm sunlight illuminated young ferns and a myriad of… Continue reading Walking with your Eyes and Heart Wide Open

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Practicing Peace

The other day, my boys were discussing world peace, an unusually weighty topic for the two of them. "I wish there were no wars," my 6-year-old lamented. "Yeah, me too," the 9-year-old added. "Why do people have to fight?" "You know, we could start by start practicing world peace at home." I suggested. The boys rolled… Continue reading Practicing Peace

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Relearning Prayer: praying for others

I'm not the best at prayer. These days I rarely use complete sentences when I pray.  Prayer comes out in a word or a phrase.  In a stirring from my heart.  I'm learning that prayer can be so much more than articulate sentences strung together to adore or make requests known to God.  My favorite… Continue reading Relearning Prayer: praying for others