Undoing: A Prayer

How much undoing do we have left, God?

It seems like we have undone a lot, and I am itching to do something.

But there is always more.  Another layer that needs to go.

My expectations for myself.  You would like those?

These are hard to release.

The disappointment I feel because these expectations of mine don’t match the reality of who I am.  You would like that also?

You aren’t disappointed, are you?

Teach me new dreams–dreams that lay dormant because I never knew what possibilities lay hidden in the depths of who you made me to be.

I have your permission to be who I am–to discover the deep down me and her role in this world?

This is such a slow, hard process.

Embarrassingly slow.

But you aren’t embarrassed, are you?

I get the feeling that we can stop anytime I say the word.  But I would miss out on where you are leading this heart of mine.

I want to go where you lead.

I want to unravel as long as you are my undoing and my mending.


4 thoughts on “Undoing: A Prayer

  1. This is such a relief to read someone else voicing these thoughts of being undone and unmasked by God. The deep sense of disappointment in who I am when everything comes unravelled before the gaze of God. The desire to build something to make me feel less undone.


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