A Poem and a Practice: Adored.


For some reason, I’m finding words to be scarce this summer. Although, sometimes you don’t need many words. A few will do just fine.

A Poem:

It sounds cheesy and much too simple, but I honestly believe it is True.
The Answer is Love.
The way, the truth, the life: this is the Love that is God with us.

When I am rooted and grounded in Love,
in the Love that flows through time,
there is nothing left for me to defend.
Am I wrong? So be it. I know that Love holds me.

When this Love abides in me and I in Love, I can face my shadows without fear.
Maybe I can even let others see them too. There is no need to be perfect, to win, to impress.

Dare I say, the God of the Universe adores me?

/ / /

 And a Practice:

A few years ago, I found myself praying: Awaken my heart to your love, God. Awaken my heart to your love.

With my in breath: Awaken my heart to your love, God.
With my out breath: Awaken my heart to your love.

When my eyes opened in the morning and I stretched to get out of bed, I would pray: Awaken my heart to your love, God. Awaken my heart to your love.

Sometimes, these are the words I would use for centering prayer. Bringing my mind and my heart back to this phrase for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

Most often, I’d find myself praying these words while driving my car. While washing dishes. While folding the laundry. This prayer went with me. It became a part of me.

And somehow, I found myself deeply loved. It changes everything.

/ / /

What is your heart’s deepest desire, your deepest prayer? Could you put that desire into words that fit the pattern of your breath? Try taking that prayer with you, wherever you go.

I pray that you also know that you are adored.


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